Rugged Luxury Part I

Keep it real.

Sometimes people enter your life with dreams as big as yours and the passion to obtain those dreams. Johnny and Hari are some of those people. I've always loved fashion, but collaborating with them has taught me to look at the clothes we wear in an entirely new way. Both grew up in Boston and fell in love with fashion but in very different ways. For Hari, the clothes are all about reflecting the person. It doesn't matter if the clothes were hand-me-downs or from goodwill, fashion can be attained by all and it should have no barriers. On the other hand, Johnny sees fashion as art. The wearer is merely the model for the masterpiece. It is clear to see the reflection of their views in the photos from this shoot. Despite their different views of the fashion world, these two guys are best friends and honestly an inspiration for creatives everywhere. I know there will be more collaboration in the future.